The Tower Builder

At heart, this is a love story on multiple levels: love of a man for the woman he envisioned years before they met, for dangerous exciting work, and for the unique and mysterious wonders of past history. It is a tale of love toppled and then resurrected, told symbolically and literally through the true narrative of a near impossible rebuilding of fallen radio towers. A handsome, young tower engineer takes on the impossible task — rebuild WWII-era, unique radio towers without blueprints. In recounting his work in the most dangerous job on earth, a tantalizing WWII mystery of an unusual rotating aircraft beacon is uncovered. Perched for decades atop a famous radio station, no one knows why it is there. Unsolved for seventy years, with scant records to pursue, it seems unlikely anyone will ever decipher the truth. Following whispering clues from a distant past, a little known history of aviation, WWII flight navigation, and the role of the iconic towers and radio in our country’s history unfolds. In the process, the shroud obscuring the origins and purpose of the mysterious beacon is lifted. Parts love story, history, mystery, and biography, this amazing story of faith, danger, and passion will have you cheering by its startling conclusion.

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