Raising a Black Scholar

It’s impossible for black boys and girls to develop a positive sense of self when they are taught that the existence of their race began at slavery and they have historically only been butlers and the help. What’s rarely mentioned is when Africans were Kings and Queens or the history of Black Wall-Street. Black history is celebrated in such a parochial lens in current curriculums and schools that black children aren’t aware that black history is being made every day by black brothers and sisters all over the world. The educational system could easily empower our babies by teaching more positive black imagery instead of consistently reminding them that blacks were second class citizens. This curriculum has African American historical figures and links at each grade level that seeks to empower black boys and girls. It begins teaching pre-kindergartens about when black people were Kings and Queens in Africa and ends with teaching high school seniors about current black people all over the world who are achieving amazing things. This strategy seduces black boys and girls into a level of excellence so they will no longer accept mediocrity.

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