No Dream Deferred

Education is essential to success, but the school systems in America are constantly and inexcusably failing black and Latino children. In their desperate search for a solution, many families are realizing that homeschooling may be their best option. No Dream Deferred delves into the history of black and Latino education in America-from slavery through the civil rights movement to the return of de facto segregation that students are experiencing today. The book’s specific, justified criticism of the American education system is unflagging. In public schools, private schools, and even relatively new charter schools, black and Latino students are not receiving the education they need-the education that is their only chance for success when the deck is already stacked against them. Can homeschooling turn this tide? In the past, homeschooling was championed for ideological reasons, often used by conservative white families in response to the lack of religion allowed in public schools. But more and more black and Latino families are using it as a tool to restore equality. As these stories from real families show, it can be powerful-and it is necessary. It’s time to make a change. The children cannot wait.

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