Cooking Through Geography

This curriculum was developed with the homeschool family in mind and was created with a threefold purpose: to give children an appreciation for the many different cultures in this world, to teach children how to cook (a wonderful life skill) and to taste the flavor and variety of the diverse cultures around us. I believe the table is the center of most cultures and food being shared is a huge part of bringing family, friends and acquaintances together. This curriculum is designed to encourage good penmanship, critical thinking, cooking skills, awareness of the many cultures around us, simple mapping skills and an appreciation and enjoyment of a wide variety of foods. It can be adapted to any grade level, as one is never to young or old to appreciate world culture and learn cooking skills. It is my hope, that through this curriculum, it will bring family togetherness as the student enjoys and shares the fruits of his or her labor. What you find inside the pages of this unique curriculum is how to use this curriculum, a list of supplies (three-ring binder, colored pencils, etc.), cover sheet, map and recipe forms for copying, a list of countries, recipes and a link to information about each country listed in the book. What you will receive when the course is completed is an individualized student cookbook with handwritten recipes along side of maps that show where the recipe came from and information on each recipe page about the country studied. This is one educational course that can go beyond the school years and helps give your student(s) a life skill that he/she will take beyond graduation. You can find out more at https: //

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