Love Twelve Miles Long

Glenda Armand imagines Frederick Douglas as a young boy in 1820s Maryland, trying to understand why he can’t live with his mother, who is a slave on another plantation. During a brief night-time visit, Mama answers Frederick’s questions by describing what each mile of her journey is for – remembering, listening, praying, singling, and finally, love. Her strength to travel the distance between them is a poetic testament to the human spirit, showing Frederick that although the road through life is full of hardships, hope, joy, and dreams can grow along the way.

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The Story of Little Black Sambo

The jolly and exciting tale of the little boy who lost his red coat and his blue trousers and his purple shoes but who was saved from the tigers to eat 169 pancakes for his supper, has been universally loved by generations of children. First written in 1899, the story has become a childhood classic and the authorized American edition with the original drawings by the author has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Little Black Sambo is a book that speaks the common language of all nations, and has added more to the joy of little children than perhaps any other story. They love to hear it again and again; to read it to themselves; to act it out in their play.

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Captain's Surrender

Ambitious and handsome, Joshua Andrews had always valued his life too much to take unnecessary risks. Then he laid eyes on the elegant picture of perfection that is Peter Kenyon. Soon to be promoted to captain, Peter Kenyon is the darling of the Bermuda garrison. With a string of successes behind him and a suitable bride lined up to share his future, Peter seems completely out of reach to Joshua. But when the two men are thrown together to serve during a long voyage under a sadistic commander with a mutinous crew, they discover unexpected friendship. As the tension on board their vessel heats up, the closeness they feel for one another intensifies and both officers find themselves unable to reign in their passion. Let yourself be transported back to a time when love between two men in the British Navy was punishable by death, and to a story about love, about honor, but most of all, about a Captain’s Surrender.

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Savage Inequalities

For two years, beginning in 1988, Jonathan Kozol visited schools in neighborhoods across the country, from Illinois to Washington D.C., and from New York to San Antonio. He spoke with teachers, principals, superintendents, and, most important, children. What he found was devastating. Not only were schools for rich and poor blatantly unequal, the gulf between the two extremes was widening—and it has widened since. The urban schools he visited were overcrowded and understaffed, and lacked the basic elements of learning—including books and, all too often, classrooms for the students. In Savage Inequalities, Kozol delivers a searing examination of the extremes of wealth and poverty and calls into question the reality of equal opportunity in our nation’s schools.

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This Country of Ours

ÊH. E. MarshallÕs dedication to the preservation of American history is evident in the details of this text, which features over a hundred different stories divided into seven headings. Despite it being nearly a century old, ÒThis Country of OursÓ is just as readable as it was when originally published. ÊIt presents the facts about history and the lives of the men and women that are often lost in history books in this present day. There are Christian morals and Biblical truths discussed in the lives.

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Black Metal

ORCS LIVE FOR WAR The race of Orcs are the last remnants of an ancient and brutal world that has been left behind by the civilizations of man, Dwarf, and Elf. The marauding orcs find themselves under attack by an alliance bent on purging the world of its savage past in order to make room for a new age of peace and growth. Under the guidance of their shamanic leader a barbaric tribe of orcs fight back, joined by trolls and goblins as they struggle to survive a journey of self-discovery and holocaust. Beset upon all sides by countless enemies, the horde forges the ancient weapons of a dark god to launch the final campaign on a world no longer their own. A fierce tale of violence and anti-heroism.

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The ABCs of the Black Panther Party

The ABCs of the Black Panther Party uses the alphabet and rhyming to provide children an introduction to the BPP from a decolonized or anti-oppressive viewpoint.

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Changing the Lines

Developed as a response to Modernist art and literature, this collection of poetry and art challenges the way we appreciate artistic genre. Instead of creating art inspired by poetry or the poetry inspired by art, this work melds that two into a cohesive work, with neither being the progenitor of the other. It examines the history of blackness and looks at that history through a modern lens, changinghow we see our heroes, how we see ourselves and how we see society. It questions how we communicate and how we amuse ourselves. It redraws our innate sense of beauty. It examines gender roles and abuse.Created by a mother and daughter team, this book of poetry provides image to imagery. With Katerina Canyon’s poems and Aja Canyon’s illustrations, this work is a conversation between them as they examine what it means to operate within the world as black women.

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